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Kushiro Art Museum, Hokkaido

The Kushiro Art Museum was built on the Kushiro River.
which flows under the Nusamai Bridge in the downtown area of Kushiro City.

The building itself has two symbolic expressions which represent the characteristic spaciousness and freedom experienced in the Kushiro region.

The roof is one long panorama supported by wide walls of glass facing the river. The brick walls on the street side were built from historical brick preserved from the old warehouses that were once the hub of Kushiro Port.

These contrasting designs symbolize the ambition of the museum: to bridge the past and the future of artistic culture.

The first floor of the building houses the lobby and the main functional facilities, and the second floor houses the public reading area and outside terrace.

The glass walls allow plenty of sunshine in, especially in the autumn and winter, and the terraces facilitate a continuation of space between the inside and outside environments. The design of the building gives one the impression that the museum is open to the community and wishes to harmonize with its environment.

4-1-5 Saiwai-cho,Kushiro-shi,Hokkaido 085-0017,Japan
TEL 0154-23-2381 FAX 0154-23-2386

Guide in pavilion

Exhibition room
Arts hall
3 Lobby
← 1 Exhibition room
6 Arts hall

館内ガイド 1F
  • 1 Exhibition room
  • 2 Ticket office & Information
  • 3 Lobby
  • 4 Arts space
  • 5 Workshop room
  • 6 Arts hall
  • 7 Workshop room
  • 8 Shop
  • 9 Nursing space
  • 10 Packing room
  • 11 Storage
  • 12 Loading dock
  • 13 Security staff office


館内ガイド 2F
  • 14 Library
  • 15 Coffee shop
  • 16 Museum office
  • 17 Director's office
  • 18 Conference office
  • 19 Stack room

Exhibition room(entrance)
1 Exhibition room(entrance)
Arts space
4 Arts space
Ticket office & Information
2 Ticket office & Information
Workshop room
5 Workshop room
Coffee shop
15 Coffee shop


Use guide

Hours/9:30a.m to 5:00p.m.

Admission fee(yen) (the price with taxes included)

Category Individual Group:10people or more
Exhibition of collection Adults 460yen 360yen
High school
university students
200yen 150yen
Special exhibitions 一人につき3,520円以内で知事が定める額
Admission fee for set for each exhibition
  • Admission fee for the handicapped, senior citizens over 64, etc.

Rent for the room(yen) (the price with taxes included)

Category Rent fee
9a.m.-noon 1p.m.-5p.m. 6p.m.-9p.m. 9a.m.-9p.m.
Exhibition room - - - 68,940yen
Arts hall 9,210yen 11,510yen 9,210yen 23,580yen
Arts space 8,020yen 10,330yen 8,020yen 20,830yen


Access Map

15 minutes on foot from JR Kushiro Station.